Tandy MC10 archive

The Tandy Micro Colour Computer MC10 (Tendy MC10) was my first computer around the mid 80’s. I learnt basic and later experimented with 6803 Machine Language. I was a regular contributor to the “Australian COCO” and the “MC10 Users Group” magazines.

The most difficult obstruction with using the MC10 was recording your saved programs. My father and I experimented with many types of cassette recorders, trying to get the right tones that the MC10 would accept. There was nothing worse than saving a huge program and then getting a I/O ERROR when trying to reload it back.

Tandy MC10 archive

Tandy MC10 archive


Archiving your programs from cassette to PC

It is important to create digital copies of your old MC10 software saved on cassette tapes. I used the following steps to create digital archives.

You’ll need your MC10, cassette recorder and a copy of the MC10 emulator, which runs on windows XP.

  1. CLOAD the program into the MC10 then CSAVE it directly to your PC, with the MC10’s audio output plugged into the PC’s sound cards audio input (with the shortest possible leads). Then using your favourite audio capture program, capture and save the audio as WAV file. 44.1KHz 8Bit Mono
  2. CLOAD saved file into the emulator (don’t worry about editing the WAV file)
  3. CSAVE the program
  4. Use the C10TOWAV conversion tool (included with the emulator) to convert the C10 file to a WAV file

Backing up machine language programs

Use BACKUP or ID.CSAVE and CSAVE directly to your PC

Use the BACKUP program loaded into the emulator following step 4 of the BASIC conversion.
The saved program in WAV format can be downloaded to a real MC-10 by plugging your audio input lead into the speaker output of the PC’s sound card.

If you are experiencing difficulties

Ensure cables are as short as possible between cassette player and PC, roll up excessive leads to prevent unwanted noise from being picked up. – Change the cassette players power source to another socket, so that it is on a different outlet to that of the PC.

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